5 basic exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week for beginners

For those who are just starting out in the journey to regain their standard weight and cannot perform difficult movements right away, the following 5 to lose belly fat in 1 week will be a great suggestion. You can completely practice at home without buying other expensive auxiliary equipment.

1. Exercise to lose belly fat number 1: Standing side crunch

With this movement, the waist area is affected a lot when simultaneously bending the knees and twisting, helping to effectively dissolve excess fat. The condition of neck and shoulder pain is also improved when the shoulder and head area is flexibly rotated.


Standing side crunch

– Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, raised hand behind head.

– Raise your right knee high and lower your right elbow to bring them closer together. Return to the original position. Do the same for the left side.

Hold for about 3 seconds and then return to the original position. Perform 2 sets, each set includes 10 reps/side.

2. Exercise to lose belly fat number 2: Crunch

Crunch is an exercise with a supine position, the upper body (back, shoulders and head) lifted high, legs bent, feet on the mat. When Crunch, the practitioner must push the upper body as close to the leg as possible to exercise the lower abdominal muscle groups, helping to tone and reduce fat in this area.



– Start with a comfortable supine position on the mat, legs bent, feet flat on the floor.

– Tighten your abs, lift your head and chest so that they form a right angle to the ground.

Do 2 sets of 12 reps each.

Note: Try to raise your back high off the floor throughout the exercise. Should practice on a mat or a comfortable flat surface, uneven surface so as not to affect the spine. Put your hands slightly behind the nape of your neck, do not use your hands to pull the head and neck strongly when Crunch to avoid affecting cervical vertebrae

3. Exercise to lose belly fat number 3: Side crunch

Side Crunch

– Start with a comfortable supine position on the mat, legs bent, feet flat on the floor.

– Bring your left hand (near the ground) across the body, and touch the side. The right hand touches the head. This is the original position.

– Bring your right hand and head up as high as you can, flex your oblique muscles.

– Lower down to the starting position.

Perform the exercise 3 sets, each set 10 times/side.

Note: Do the exercise slowly. Stop at the top for best results.

4. Exercise to lose belly fat number 4: Side bridge

Side Bridge is the next basic move that is indispensable in the list of exercises to help burn excess fat outside and promote rapid muscle development.

– Create a side plank position, resting on the left forearm. Right hand on hip. Body straight or knees bent.

– Start lowering your hips, but not touching the floor, then return to the original position. Try to keep your abs tight during the exercise.

5. Exercise to lose belly fat number 5: Plank

Plank is one of the most popular exercises for fat loss and muscle gain today. According to fitness trainers, one minute of plank training is as effective as 60 crunches. Not to mention, plank also helps muscles and joints to be more flexible, effectively reducing back pain.

For those who want to lose belly fat, plank is one of the most ideal exercises because it engages all core muscle groups namely transverse abs, longitudinal abs, external obliques and glutes. Working hard on plank will help you improve your physique effectively, especially reducing the second round measurement.

 Extend your legs, arms, clasp your hands together.
 Hands shoulder width apart.
 Slowly raise your body up, tiptoes touch the ground, elbows on the ground.
 The soles of the feet make a 90 degree angle with the ground.
 Hips, back and shoulders form a straight line.
Do it for a minute for the first time, can gradually increase the intensity in subsequent sessions.

With 30 minutes everyday, you can do these 5 exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week. You will get the benefits of gym properly.

Basic mistakes when doing plank

 Lowering the buttocks too low, causing low back pain, harming the spine.
 Pushing the buttocks up too high, reducing the effectiveness of the exercise.
 The neck is raised too high, causing shoulder fatigue and reducing the effectiveness of the exercise.

Regarding the daily practice time, depending on the individual's schedule, you can choose the time to practice in the morning - noon - evening as you like. But it is recommended to practice in the morning and evening, that is the time that will give you high performance when exercising. Avoid exercising on an empty stomach or on an empty stomach as this will reduce the performance of the exercise at the same time.

Combining scientific eating and proper exercise accelerates the process of reducing belly fat.

In addition, the amount of calories consumed is high, causing cravings, in order to reduce fat storage, in this process, there should be a scientific menu that provides a lot of green vegetables, fruits and other types of meat. many proteins. Should limit substances that contain a lot of animal fat, contain a lot of starch, alcohol such as alcohol...

Stay tuned for the next exercises to regain yourself strong, toned abs. Hope you enjoyed the post!!

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