Plank Exercise For Lower Belly Fat Effectively That You Didn't Know

There are many variations of plank exercises that you easily exercise for lower belly fat. They directly affect the central muscle group, biceps, thigh muscles. However, if practiced in the wrong way, the plank movement can have a negative effect on the spine, causing back pain and reducing your training efficiency.

Let's find out exactly different plank exercises to workouts to lose belly fat at home!

plank exercise for lower belly fat
Plank exercise for lower belly fat

I. Basic Plank exercise for lower belly fat

When it comes to Plank, posture is the first thing. Practice Plank with good posture, the plank exercise will bring high efficiency, and vice versa may adversely affect the muscles.

1.High Plank

Start in a push-up position.

- Arms straight, eyes looking forward, legs aligned, slightly bent, feet supported by the tip of the toes, hold the position as long as possible.

- Remember to contract your abs and breathe evenly (don't squeeze your stomach or hold your breath)

High Plank exercise

2.Low Plank

Here is the most commonly used Plank pose that people practice. With this pose, instead of your arms straight and your hands as pillars, we'll use the forearms as pillars. Pose similar to High Plank.

Low Plank - Burn belly fat
Low Plank - Burn belly fat

3. Rocking Plank

- Start in the simple plank position.

- Use the force of your arms, shoulders and, heels to push your body forward, your head through your hands.

- Then pull your body back to the starting position.

Rocking plan exercise for lower belly fat
Rocking Plan exercise for lower belly fat

4. Knee Plank

The pose is easier to do for those who are new to Plank. Instead of being in the simple Plank position of stretching your legs, you will bend your knees. However, remember to keep your back straight. Once you get used to it, you can practice with the simple plank position.

Knee Plank exercise for lower belly fat
Knee Plank exercise for lower belly fat

5. Plank With Shoulder Touches

Starting from High Plank, put your left hand on your right shoulder then return to the original position and do the same for the other side.

Take care not to sway the body. You will be more focused when you put a plastic glass of water on your back to practice this exercise. When your body is stable, your abs will have the best effect.

Plank with Shoulder Touches
Plank with Shoulder Touches

II. Intermediate level Plank exercise for lower belly fat

1. Walking Plank

The movement is similar to the crab crawling sideways. We start with High Plank.

 - Legs wide, arms wider than shoulders. 

- Start bringing the left hand close to the right hand, and the right-hand moves to the right. Same with legs.

- After taking a step, turn back to the other side, pay attention when moving, and your back must be stable.

Walking Plank exercise
Walking Plank exercise

2. Chaturanga Plank

This movement is similar to when you push down.

- Starting from High Plank. Let your feet open at or above shoulder width, arms shoulder-width apart, and fingers extended to increase balance as you lower your body.

- Begin to bend your elbows so that your arms are close to your body and at hip level. Bend to the heel to form a straight line.

- The weight is on the toes and arms. Remember to stretch your abs. Keep this pose for as long as possible.

Chaturanga Plank
Chaturanga Plank

3. Single-Arm Plank

Next is another step variation of Low Plank. 

- You start in a low plank position.

- Raise one arm straight out in front of you parallel to the floor. Remember to keep your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart. 

- Hold the pose for three seconds and then switch.

Single-Arm Plank
Single-Arm Plank

4. Single-Leg Plank

Similar to Plank 1 hand, you will replace it with legs. 

- Entering a low plank position, you raise one leg. Pay attention to straighten your back, and this move is easy to bend your back down.

- Hold for ten seconds on each side.

Single-Leg Plank
Single-Leg Plank

5. Knee-to-outside-elbow plank

Starting in a High Plank position, raise your right leg over the right near the elbow and do the same to the left.

Note: not looking at your knees like that will cause your back and hips to change and the wrong posture.

Knee-to-outside-elbow plank
Knee-to-outside-elbow plank

6. Plank Jacks

Starting in High Plank, start jumping with your feet shoulder-width apart and then narrowing back down.

Plank Jacks
Plank Jacks

III. Advanced Plank exercise for lower belly fat

1. Bird Dog Plank

- Start with High Plank, then raise your right hand and left leg to the same height as your body.

- Hold the position for three seconds, then switch back to the other side.

Bird Dog Plank exercise for lower belly fat
Bird Dog Plank

2. Fingertip Plank

If High Plank with your hand can't satisfy you, try it with your finger. The method is like High Plank, but you will put gravity on your fingers only.

Fingertip Plank
Fingertip Plank

3. Sphinx Plank Push-up

Start in a Low Plank position, then use your arms to transform your body into a High Plank and again into a Low Plank. It sounds simple, but it's hard to do.

Sphinx Plank Push-up
Sphinx Plank Push-up

4. Sea Witch Plank Crawl

This article will be very familiar if anyone goes to the military.

You use a barbell (fit for your strength). Get into a Low Plank position and put your feet on the barbell, then use your elbows to move forward dragging your legs and barbell with them.

Sea Witch Plank Crawl
Sea Witch Plank Crawl

5. Plank Climber on Slides

Start from a high plank position. Pull the right knee forward and return to the original position while pulling the left leg up. Perform continuous rotation.

Plank Climber on Slides

Above are variations of the plank exercises to burn belly fat at home. Let's practice together and feel the difference with your body. Wish you have the body you want.

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