5 Core Muscle Exercises You Can Do At Home

Currently, many people only pay attention to the muscles that can be seen on the outside and do not focus on the core muscles.

5 core muscle exercises you can do at home
5 core muscle exercises you can do at home

Core muscles are important for daily functioning. People who sit a lot or are sedentary often have poor core muscles and can cause you to often feel neck or back pain and can cause sagging back. Therefore, you need to do more core muscles exercises to overcome this situation.

Muscle training solution

The Hollow Hold exercise is the best way to deal with the weak core problem caused by prolonged sitting. This is a simple exercise, you need to lie on your back on the floor, raise your arms and legs and straighten them so that your entire back is pressed firmly to the floor. 

Doing this exercise will help bring your glutes and spine back to their natural position, and most other core exercises won't do this.

Exercise to help fix saggy back
Exercise to help fix saggy back

1. Anti-hollow hold pull-down

This exercise works directly on the front core and is more difficult to perform than the original exercise. Focus on trying to "pull the ribs down" and squeeze your core to stay steady as you do it. Do 10 reps and then move on to the next exercise.

2. Resisted reverse crunch with a slow lowering

The added resistance and slow-motion make this exercise more difficult. Focus on "bending" your ribs and lowering them slowly. Do not use force by inertia or roll too far to lose tension in the abdomen.

Do 10 reps and then move on to the next exercise.

 3. Resisted Alternating Dead Bug

Keeping the pelvis in a natural position will help put the body in better posture. It will help increase muscle tension when exercising the intercostal muscles and improve neuromuscularly.

Do 10 reps, rest for a minute, and move on to the next exercise.

 4. Resisted Hollow Hold Semi-Circles

This exercise will activate your anterior and intercostal muscles. The incisors are often overlooked and difficult to practice, one thing you don't know, the anterior molar muscle is the part that helps you create that powerful punch.

Do 10 times and move on to the next exercise.

 5. Resisted Hollow Hold Flutter Kicks

The flutter kick is a great exercise for hip flexor strength. If you're wondering why the hip is so important to the core, the simple reason is that it's also part of the core. 

Do this exercise for thirty seconds.

You can make these exercises more difficult by using stronger resistance bands, doing them slower, and reducing rest time. Don't forget to practice these exercises regularly every day.

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