What Is Tabata's Exercise?

The trend and style of weight loss, fat loss today is to perform continuous high-intensity exercises for long periods of time, collectively known as Cardio. Besides, Tabata exercises are also an extremely effective weight-loss method that you should know.
So what is Tabata exercise and how does this exercise work for weight loss and fat loss? Stay tuned to learn more about this exercise and how to do Tabata properly and effectively!
Before learning about Tabata, for the most effective abs workout, definitely do not ignore the abs exercises for both men and women that I have written in this blog.

1. What is Tabata's Exercise?

If you are looking for a subject or a group of exercises to add to your positive life habits and for better health, Tabata exercise is a suggestion not to be missed!
If you don't know, Tabata is a popular form of HIIT - high-intensity interval training. This is a method of training with high-intensity exercises that help burn calories very effectively during exercise. At the same time bring the body to the most ideal stage of the fat-burning process.
Typically, these Tabata exercises will usually last for 4 minutes, performed 8 times in cycles of 20 seconds of intense exercise and 10 seconds of rest.
What is Tabata's Exercise?
What is Tabata's Exercise?

Besides, Tabata is the name of the creator of this effective weight loss training method - Dr. Izumi Tabata of the Tokyo Institute of Fitness and Sports.
However, readers should note that these Tabata exercises will often be more suitable for athletes and people with good physical strength.
So if you are a person who does not participate in regular sports, practice with simple physical exercises first. Having good physical strength will help you perform Tabata exercises most effectively.

2. Effects of Tabata exercises on fat loss, weight loss

To come to the best conclusion about the effects and potential effects of Tabata exercises, Dr. Izumi Tabata and her colleagues conducted a study as follows:
He divided into two different groups of people, trained with two different methods for the same period of 6 months:
- Group 1 does Liss Cardio exercises – Cardio exercises with low intensity and stability. It includes walking or jogging with low to moderate intensity. Training time 1 hour/day and done five days a week.
- Group 2 practiced high-intensity Tabata exercises for 4 minutes with about 3-4 movements. Each movement is performed 8 times continuously with high intensity for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Training time is 4 days a week.
Tabata training helps burn fat and lose weight effectively
Tabata training helps burn fat and lose weight effectively
Research results:
Research results show that group 1 increases aerobic respiration capacity, but in the anaerobic environment, it is almost unchanged. 
However, the second experimental group had a much higher aerobic respiration capacity than the first group. And at the same time, the second group's ability to breathe in an anaerobic environment also increased by 28% compared to before exercise. (Anaerobic respiration: energy production process under anaerobic conditions with sufficient oxygen)
It shows that Tabata exercises have a stronger impact on the body of the practitioner than regular Cardio exercises.

3. Health benefits of Tabata exercises

- Burn fat, excess fat: Have you ever wondered, how many calories does Tabata burn? This number will surprise you. Because according to some studies from the American College of Sports, exercisers can burn up to 13 calories with every minute of Tabata exercise. In addition to Tabata, you can choose to swim, run to reduce body fat.
- Maintain muscle: Studies have shown that performing Tabata exercises boosts testosterone, which helps maintain and preserve muscle mass. In particular, do not forget to add protein-containing foods to your daily nutritional menu.
- Reduced risk of metabolic syndrome: A metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that are more likely to co-occur with coronary heart disease, stroke, or type 2 diabetes. Groups of diseases such as high blood pressure, excess belly fat Excess cholesterol, abnormally high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar are all called metabolic syndromes. However, intense exercise such as the Tabata exercise is an important factor in improving aerobic respiration and reversing the likelihood of metabolic syndrome.
- Increased respiration capacity in aerobic and anaerobic environments: According to the research results of Dr. Izumi Tabata, the respiratory capacity in aerobic environments will increase by 14%, and in aerobic environments may increase. Up to 28% when doing regular Tabata exercises.

Above is an introduction to the Tabata exercise. To do this exercise, check out blogs articles.

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